Nota bene: all dates are AUC--ab urbe condite, meaning from the founding of the city. The traditional date in Earth terms is 753 BC, so subtract 753 from any date here to derive the Earth date.

Date Event
1131 Battle of Hadrianopolis - Goblins at the Gates
1163 Alaric the Orc King sacks Rome
1193 Orcs complete their conquest of North Africa by capturing the city of Hippo.
1204 Attila and Bleda, brothers who are both orc kings lead an army of ogres into Italy. Within two years, both die under mysterious circumstances.
1229 Last Roman Emperor is strangled by Odovacar the ogre. Rulers are now known as the Western Emperor and the Eastern Emperor.
1234 Clovis becomes the first King in the West, ruling the Free Men of Gaul. Emperor Merovech II, ruling from Ravenna, confers this title upon him. Clovis is also famous because he was the first Western king to keep mancers at court.
1246 Theodoric becomes Emperor in the West. He is the first emperor to use mancers. When Italy is conquered by Belisarius, there are rumors that the West was betrayed by the Great House.
1264 Putative beginning of the reign of Arthur of Britain.
1265 First verified landfall of elves, in Brittany.
1280 Justinian becomes the Emperor in the East.
1286 Belisarius destroys the orcs of North Africa.
1294 First documented appearance of drow in Europa. All sorts of legends have gathered around Alcestis/Procopius. Some claim he is to blame for the death of Theodora and the fall of Belisarius, while other legends place him in Italia and say he summoned the trolls into Lombardy. It's possible that more than one drow was already present in Europa.
1298 Final victory over the Wild in Italy. Official reunification of the Empire under Justinian.
1318 Justinian dies
1321 Trolls invade Lombardy and destroy Ravenna. Merovech saves Rome, but the north falls to the Wild Folk.
1335 Beginning of the First Dark Age
1363 Heraclius, Emperor in the East (d.1394)
1443 Lizardmen conquer North Africa
1467 Charles Martel becomes King of the Gauls (d.1494)
1470 Siege of Constantinople. Falls to the orcs in the following year.
1485 Orc alliance defeated by Charles Martel at Tours
1500 In this Jubilee year, Pepin the Short seized the crown from the last Merovingian emperor, Childeric III.
1521 Charles the Great (b. 2 April 1480) becomes Emperor. This is the traditional end of the First Dark Age.
1546 Dragons burn Lindisfarne. The Great Houses are now sworn enemies of dragons.
1548 The first dragons attack Eire
1553 Charles gains the support of the Great Houses
1573 First dragon attack on Paris
1588 Begins thirty years of continuous dragon raids on Britain
1591 Dragon kingdom of Dublin established
1596 Treaty of Verdun ends the great war with the Orc-Goblin Alliance and breaks apart Charles' Greater Empire. Beginning of the Second Dark Age.
1624 Alfred the Great becomes King of the Britons
1654 Henry the Fowler becomes Emperor. The Western Empire now ruled by Germans.
1664 Rolf the Ranger comes to Normandy and agrees to fight the dragons in exchange for being made Duke of Normandy
1689 Emperor Otto I (d. 1726)
1691 Hugh Capet (d. 1749) becomes first Capetian King of Gaul
1708 Battle of Lechfeld. Otto defeats the gnolls near Augsburg.
1721 Battle of Limerick. Dragons defeated by elves in Eire.
1767 Battle of Clondorf. Elvish prince Boru drives dragons out of Eire.
1770 The dragon Cnut settles in England
1791 Mad House
1819 Norman Conquest of Angleland. This is the traditional end date for the Second Dark Age.
1858 Emperor Henry IV calls for a war against the Eastern Empire. The First Lux Agmen (Fackelzug; Guerre des Legionnaires; Wars of Recovery)
1888 King Stephen of Britain (d. 1907). A period of civil war. Britain is all but overrun by the Wild.
1905 Barbarossa becomes Emperor (b. 1876, d. 10 June 1943, while on the Third Lux Agmen)
1972 The Cathar March
1973 Frederick "Stupormundi" Hohenstaufen becomes Emperor (b. 26 Dec. 1947; d. 13 Dec. 2003). Became King of Germany in 1965 and King of Sicily in 1950 and Emperor of the East in 1982.
2035 War of the Whispers begins. It will last twenty years.
2057 Birth of Petrarcha, the founder of the Renaissance
2090 The Century War begins: Gaul and Britain unite to battle the drow
2100 The Black Death, a terrible disease unleashed by the Dark Elves, strikes Europe
2213 The Garden of Hugo Vuerloz
2245 Last orcs are driven out of Spain; discovery of New World
2270 Martin Luther begins Reformation, an anti-magic movement. Beginning of the Scientific Revolution.
2371 Thirty Years War begins: battle between Science and Magic. Resurgence of the drow.
2667 The Great War begins
2698 End of the Great War
2712 The Roadmaster