Images, Set 1

October 2769 AUC

Ships of the fisher elves of Bretagne

The Castle of Ulrik the Troll King (Ulrikzam)
Florine of Burgundy battles an orc

Welcome to the first installment of pictures of Altearth. This first draft is necessarily rough because I'm not sure what format will work best for these. You can expect the format to change somewhat in the coming months. For now, I plan to publish three pictures a month.

Fisher Elves

Fisher elves can be found all along the Atlantic coast, but those of Bretagne are perhaps the most famous.

Ulrik the Troll King

One of the greatest of the troll monarchs, Ulrik built castles throughout Illyria. This is one of his grander efforts.

Florine of Burgundy

A warrior here, but Florine was also a mother, a poet, and was loved by her people for her wisdom and justice. As depicted here, she fell defending her husband Svein, at the hands of orcs.